Cannonball 14 Bingo

It’s the most wonderful time of the Cannonball year! I’m once again participating in CannonballRead, a book review site that raises money for cancer research. I’ve already cannonball’ed (posted 52 reviews) but the bingo was my favorite part last year and I can’t wait to do it again! This challenge runs from July 15 to midnight on November 14.

The Tyrant Alpha's Rejected Mate


Shadow: Know It in the Dark – Skye Kilaen – A large chunk of the book is the women dealing with the potential threat of a shadowy government agency… plus other things that hide in the shadows *dun dun dun*


Rec’d: The Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate – Cate C. Wells – Rec’d by a friend who had to convince me that, no, it was not actually as bad as the title sounded (and y’all know the stuff I’ve read)

Bodies: The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy – Megan Bannen – Mercy’s an undertaker and Hart kills zombies. I can’t imagine a better book for this square!

The Reinvented Heart

Minds: Run Posy Run – Cate C. Wells – One MC is a psychopath and we get his rather interesting POV. Plus, one of the few ways the MC knows how to interact with Posy is by playing games like chess with her.

Adapt (represented by a camel): Beating Heart Baby – Lio Min – Santi has to adapt to a new town, a new school and new relationships.

Heart: The Reinvented Heart anthology – Because the theme of the anthology is relationships in SF, so they all involve feelings from the heart

Monster: The Monsters We Defy – Leslye Penelope – Uh, it’s in the title? OK, ok. The Enigmas Clara deals with are pretty monstrous, and the villain does some pretty terrible and monstrous things.


Series: Line Drive – E.M. Lindsey: Second book in the Hit & Run series


Star: Pack of Lies – Charlie Adhara – Julien’s the sort of actor who’s mostly recognizable, but his glory days seem to be behind him.


Dough: Muscles & Monsters – Ashley Bennett – Technically it’s batter and not dough, but Tegan’s a baker. Also, I got this book from Kindle Unlimited, so I technically spent no dough on it!

Cozy: The Very Secret Society of Irregular Witches – Sangu Mandanna – It’s just so adorable and comfy and chockfull of found family feels and tea!

Scandal: A Taste of Gold and Iron – Alexandra Rowland – The initial events that lead Kadou and Evemer together are a result of trying to fix a scandal caused by Kadou’s last guard

Hot: Court of the Vampire Queen – Katie Robert – The spice is very high with this one, if also very bloody.



If I Were a Weapon


Font: If I Were a Weapon – Skye Kilaen. Because the mix of fonts on the cover is pretty cool, plus one of the MCs does calligraphy as part of owning her own stationary store.

Holiday: Looks Good on Paper – Kilby Blades. Zuri goes on vacation for six weeks in Europe exploring various stationary shops – and that’s where she finally meets the other MC in person!