Sand Castle Bay cover

Review: Sand Castle Bay – Sherryl Woods

  Oh, the angst. Ten years may have passed since they last saw each other, but the main characters still act like emotionally immature teenagers. It felt like half the book consisted of each character whining “how can we make this work out?!?!? it’ll never work!!! but I love him/her so MUCH!!!” and the other half was highly unrealistic interactions…

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Sight Unseen cover

Review: Sight Unseen anthology

  Sight Unseen has an interesting premise.  Basically, it’s an anthology of stories by some very accomplished romance writers, but they’re writing outside their normal genres, and the authors of each story won’t be revealed until three months after it’s published. I picked this up mainly because I was curious about the premise, and I had to read an anthology…

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Laugh for the Day

Saw this on twitter today, and I literally snort laughed.  No idea who the source is!

Sunday Update

Sunday Reading Updates // August 13th, 2017

My First Sunday Update… I’m almost finished (80% through, I think) with Beverly Jenkins’ Indigo.  Overall, I’m enjoying it and wish I’d started reading her books sooner.  It does show its age a bit, and there’s occasional info-dumping, but overall I’m enjoying Hester as a heroine.   Next in Queue Once I finish Indigo, I’ll have my fourth bingo and…

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