Sunday Reading Updates // August 13th, 2017

My First Sunday Update…


I’m almost finished (80% through, I think) with Beverly Jenkins’ Indigo.  Overall, I’m enjoying it and wish I’d started reading her books sooner.  It does show its age a bit, and there’s occasional info-dumping, but overall I’m enjoying Hester as a heroine.


Next in Queue

Once I finish Indigo, I’ll have my fourth bingo and I’ll be only 2 squares away from completing the board!  For “beach read set in a beach town,” I’m planning on Sherryl Woods’ Sand Castle Bay.  I had a hard time picking this one.  I basically just paged through the entirety of my library’s digital ebook collection until I found something that looked beachy and had decent Goodreads reviews.  The other remaining square is “anthology.”  I’ve heard good things about Sight Unseen, and I’ve read and liked books by two of the authors, so I’m planning on that.  Finally, once the bingo is done, I’m planning on continuing on my reread of Patricia Briggs’ World of the Marrok series with Dead Heat.  Not a fan of that cover, by the way, but I remember liking this book.

What are you reading this week?


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