Review: Tapped – Cora Cade

Review: Tapped – Cora CadeTapped
by Cora Cade
Series: Love on the Rocks #1
Publisher: Cora Cade
Publication Date: May 16, 2017
Genres: Romance
Pages: 72
Source: NetGalley

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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One night is all she wanted.

Georgia Burke is on a mission to find a sexy one night stand. After she catches her cheating ex with her friend, in Georgia's apartment no less, she visits her brother in his sleepy lakeside town to regroup. Her first night at Fox Lake and she finds the Drunken Duck pub and puts her plan into motion. Almost.

Will Calder is looking for the real deal. He's done with the short-term flings and wants to find a woman ready for everything he has to offer. Will's determined to show Georgia more than just a single night of debauchery and he'll do everything in his power to keep her close.

Georgia's going to find Will's idea of the perfect woman isn't what she expected. She'll have to face her own insecurities to land the sexy contractor or settle for the vacation fling she anticipated.

Warning: Contains a curvy woman with a geeky streak and the contractor out to win her heart. Expect a sexy romp with a man who knows how to work with his hands.

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Isn’t that cover gorgeous?  It let me know right away that I could expect a sassy, confident heroine, and boy did this book deliver! This is my first book by Cora Cade, and it’s an off-shoot of a previous series of hers.  While it did feel, sometimes, that random characters were being name-dropped, I was able to read and enjoy it without any prior knowledge.

Georgia is so much fun.  She’s a curvy size 16 with self-described “great tits,” and if you can’t tell from that, lots of self-confidence, though it’s been battered a bit by an ex-boyfriend.  She hilarious and pretty quick on her feet, especially when dealing with Will’s rude ex, who tries to derail their first meeting at a bar.  Will is simply a perfect book boyfriend – sweet, stable, loves his family – plus he has a dog.  I’m not sure why, but I immediately like a book guy more whenever he has a dog!  As usual, there has to be some sort of thing that forces them apart – in this case, it’s that Georgia was only looking for a one-night stand, and isn’t interested in a summer fling, let alone a relationship.  Will, on the other hand, is completely smitten with the smart, sexy and confident Georgia and bargains with her to get a second date.  Luckily, this happens before his mom shows up unexpectedly at his house… while they’re getting it on!

Will held her hand for a moment, looking into her eyes. “Hey, no pressure here. I’ll make that fire, we can order a pizza or something if you want. Nothing more.”
His handsome face held a hint of nervousness. There, in the wrinkled forehead and mouth turned down in the corners. So adorable.
“Here I thought I followed you home for some hot sex. But pizza is good too.”

If anything, my main issue with this is that it’s so short.  I really wish there was more, because the relationship did feel rushed, but I knew this was a novella going in.

Overall, this is a short, steamy, and fun read!  Recommended for fans looking for a sexy plus-sized heroine!


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