Review: The D.I.L.F. – Amy Andrews

Review: The D.I.L.F. – Amy AndrewsThe D.I.L.F.
by Amy Andrews
Publisher: One Handed Reads
Publication Date: January 23, 2019
Genres: Romance
Pages: 103
Source: NetGalley

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My rating: One StarOne StarOne StarOne Star

Amy Andrews turns up the heat in her smuttiest little book to-date!

I’ve had a crush on Stefanie, my best friend’s older sister, since I was fifteen. As a geeky gamer with a bad case of acne, she was totally out of my league. But I’m all grown up now, with a medical degree and an in-depth knowledge of female anatomy I’m not afraid to use. When we cross paths again I finally get my chance to live out a few teenage fantasies and prove I can be her guy. I just have to convince Stef to take a chance.

As a resident nurse,I’ve had enough of arrogant doctors to last me a lifetime. I’m not looking for another. I’m especially not looking to hook up with my kid brother’s bestie—ten years my junior—even if he has morphed into a walking, talking, wet dream. If only he wasn’t sleeping in my spare bed for three weeks and making it very clear he wants to be in my bed instead. Not going to happen. I don’t do casual anymore. No matter how much I want to open my legs for the DILF.


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Nurse/doctor romances are not my thing, but it’s Amy Andrews (author of quite possibly my favorite romance ever) so how could I resist?  I’m glad I didn’t, because this is an utterly over-the-top, kinda quirky, and unbelievably fun ride, with some of my favorite tropes (best friend’s sibling and forced proximity).

“Connie…he’s my brother’s best friend. My kid brother. Owen Chandler is ten years younger than me.”
Connie flipped her blond hair over her shoulder dismissively. “You’re thirty-five, Stef. Not dead. And you have that curvy redhead thing going on, men love that stuff.”
Yeah, idiot men who thought nurse was code for sex fiend. And a redheaded nurse? Apparently, we’re all nymphos…
Which is why I don’t want another DILF.”

After getting dumped by the last doctor she dated, nurse Stef is done with dating life and ready to settle down and start a family.  Agreeing to help out her little brother’s best friend, Owen, by letting him room with her while he’s waiting for his apartment to be ready isn’t a big deal – until she finds out he’s the new DILF at the hospital.  With a ten year age gap and highly different life stages, Stef doesn’t anticipate anything happening between them, but Owen’s got a different plan.  Would giving into the attraction be so bad, or will it only leave Stef brokenhearted?

I liked Stef, and completely understood why she was so against starting anything with Owen, considering the age difference and how she’d been hurt in the past by another doctor who was only looking for a good time and nothing permanent.  Stef was Owen’s first crush (at fifteen), and he’s not surprised when seeing her again brings up all his old feelings for her, and in fact, realizes that she’s probably “the one” for him.  I liked direct he was about letting Stef know that he wanted her, though his confidence did border on cocky arrogance several times for me.  Watching Stef try to resist his advances was pretty fun, and the sex, when, of course, they eventually had it was seriously steamy.

And I guess this is my main criticism of it, that this falls pretty firmly on the “erotica” side of romance.  The imprint name of “One Handed Reads” is a pretty big clue what’s intended, and there’s a lot of sex, so much sex, so there’s a little less time given to developing other parts of their relationship.  Owen’s instalove for Stef – based largely on his memories of her from ten years ago – was the most egregious part of it for me, as I get a bit cranky with instalove in the best of circumstances.  I can’t really complain too much, though, as it’s still an enjoyable book, with some ridiculously hot scenes – there’s a scene where they act out one of Stef’s fantasies (complete with large blue dildo) that’s definitely the hottest thing I’ve ever read by Ms. Andrews.

Overall, if you’re looking for a steamy quick read, this will definitely fit the bill!


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