Release Blitz: Party Favors – Erin McClellan

Hey, all! So, besides my review of Erin McLellan’s newest book, Party Favors, I’m also participating in the book blitz! In case you need something other than my review to sway you, here’s an excerpt of the book (where Wren reveals that there’s only one bed *gasp*).

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“About our cottage,” Wren said, wrenching her mind away from lingerie. “It’s called the Chalet, but in the description, it’s labeled as perfect for the junior executive. Did I tell you that?”

They came to a stop in front of the cottage door.

“No, you didn’t.”

“Right. I wasn’t paying attention. I mean, junior and executive sound like nothing words to me.” Wren used her keycard to open their cottage. They stepped inside.

The Chalet was a small two-story building with lots of windows, exposed wood, and a brick fireplace. The bottom floor had a sitting area, a lavish bathroom, and what Wren had expected to be a bedroom. Upstairs was a loft bedroom and another fireplace. There was also a private saltwater hot tub on the covered back porch, which was the type of extravagance Wren didn’t know how to deal with now that she had money. She’d grown up swimming in a horse trough with the other kiddos in the trailer park, so a private hot tub was fanciness personified to her.

“This is gorgeous. Is that my room?” Amanda swung open the door. “Oh. Guess not.”

There was a conference table in there. It had surprised Wren as well. It seemed so out of place. Evidently this was where they expected those junior executives to make deals and influence people. Or whatever it was that businessy folks did. She was luckily successful enough that she could hire junior executives to do that job for her lingerie endeavors.

“William was the one who booked the reservations. The resort is courting him to take over one of the bars or be in charge of their event circuit. Or something. I don’t pay attention,” Wren said in a rush. “Either way, he had the hookup. I didn’t look at pictures first. I’m so sorry.”

Wren should have done her own research, but instead, she’d jumped in feet first without investigating. Then invited along a friend.

“It’s fine.” Amanda dropped her suitcase and a garment bag on the stone floor. Her eyes seemed panicky. “So, there’s only one bedroom.”


“And only …” Amanda touched her forehead and laughed.

“One bed. Yeah.”

If you want to keep reading, make sure to check out my review post for links for where to buy the book! It’s also in Kindle Unlimited!

Happy reading, friends!

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