Review: Finding Forever on Their Island Paradise – Therese Beharrie

Review: Finding Forever on Their Island Paradise – Therese BeharrieFinding Forever on Their Island Paradise
by Therese Beharrie
Publisher: Harlequin Romance
Publication Date: March 29, 2022
Genres: Romance
Pages: 256
Source: NetGalley

I received this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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On a mission to save her South African paradise, Therese Beharrie’s latest heroine may get more than she bargained for…Saving their home…Healing their hearts! Morgan’s mission to save Penguin Island, her South African paradise, is personal. She just wasn’t prepared for how personal it would be when striking a deal with tycoon Elliott! Both have something to lose if they fail, so putting the island back on the map is their number one priority. But working together has Morgan’s head and heart racing because with every accidental touch, keeping things professional becomes more challenging…and walking away feels impossible!

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Therese Beharrie’s books always melt me into a pile of heart-eyed goo. They bring the feels, the humor, and the tenderness, and always leave me with a smile on my face!

All Morgan wants to do is help her grandmother host her wedding on Penguin Island, where she’s lived for most of her life. If only that pesky rich developer who’s bought the community would listen to her compromise! While Elliott barely gets along with his family, when his brother asked him to take over the Penguin Island project after their father ended up in the hospital, he couldn’t say no, even though it’ll mean running his furniture business remotely. But Morgan’s ideas for how to renovate the cabins rather than tearing them down and starting over would save time and money and, more importantly for her, be ready in time for the wedding. Accepting her proposal also means working closely together on the renovations. Can Morgan and Elliott keep their attraction at bay long enough to finish the project?

‘Morgan,’ he said on a sigh. ‘Why does it feel like we’re navigating a minefield every time we talk?’
‘Do you want the real answer to that? Or the one that’s going to keep everything the way it is?’ His heart began to pound, but he said, ‘The real answer.’
‘Because of the attraction we’re ignoring.’

Both of them have family Issues (that capital I is on purpose, because, whoooo, issues). Morgan’s parents had her when they were teenagers and from a young age she’s prided herself on not being a bother for her parents. In fact, she’s the one who pretty much keeps the family together, constantly dropping everything to help her parents or her siblings out. She’s the problem-solver, the one who keeps reminding her siblings that ignoring their issues won’t make them go away, but she’s not great at taking that advice for herself. It’s the first time her grandmother has asked for her help, however, but it does mean being unable to keep an eye on her family members in person.

For Morgan, he’s never felt like he’s been able to live up to his genius older brother. He’s always longed for his father’s approval, but nothing he did was ever enough, so he decided to strike out on his own rather than working for the family business. It’s turned out well for him, however, as his furniture company is highly successful, though it’s left him little time for a personal life. Meeting Morgan is the first time he wishes things could be different, especially seeing how well she interacts with the islanders she knows from summers spent with her grandmother. She also compliments him, as well as criticizes him, without making him feel compared to anyone else, and he appreciates her problem-solving nature without expecting her to solve all his problems. They’re two complicated and messy people who slowly open up and learn to be vulnerable with each other, and see each other’s value where they can’t see their own. Basically, it’s everything I expect from this author, and it was lovely!

Overall, a wonderful book full of complicated family relationships and two people learning to be vulnerable with each other. Heartwarming and a wonderfully quick read!

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