Review: Blind Trust – Lynda Aicher

Review: Blind Trust – Lynda AicherBlind Trust
by Lynda Aicher
Series: The Boardroom #2
Also in this series: After Hours, Signed Over, Strictly Confidential
Publisher: Carina Press
Publication Date: May 14, 2018
Genres: Romance
Pages: 336
Source: NetGalley

I received an advance review copy of this book from NetGalley. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

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From Lynda Aicher, author of the bestselling Wicked Play books, comes an exclusive invitation to the Boardroom—where working late has its rewards

A blindfold. Four men intent on only her pleasure. Knowing she’s being watched. It’s her ultimate erotic fantasy—and it’s really happening.

Brighton Wakeford has played by the rules her entire life. From her country-club upbringing to her job as a paralegal, she’s the image of propriety and class. And she’s tired of it.

An invitation to the Boardroom is Brighton’s chance to transform. Here she’s Brie—free to explore her wildest cravings, her most scandalous desires.

As the lawyer for the exclusive Boardroom club, Ryan Burns knows confidentiality is vital. As a member, he gets off on the controlled ecstasy, the exhilarating balance of trust and power. So when he recognizes a beautiful, blindfolded and very willing new participant as a coworker, he knows he should back off. Brighton Wakeford is business. The Boardroom is about pleasure.

But the rules are about to change.

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While this could easily be read as a standalone, I went back and reread the previous book because I misremembered just enough to keep confusing myself!  Brie is a paralegal and Ryan is a partner at the law firm she works at.  So basically, this is a office romance with a dash of kinky sex club, abusive childhoods, and emotional issues. Brie hides her emotions – hides pretty much her entire self – behind a placid country-club facade – years of her mother nitpicking any perceived flaw have led her to be afraid to be anything other than blandly perfect. The results of Ryan’s abusive childhood mean he expects any sort of relationship to be quid pro quo – if someone does something nice for him, he expects they’re always looking for something in return – and he approaches life very logically, with little to no emotional input. His ex-wife basically called him an emotionless robot. A somewhat anonymous encounter (he recognizes her, but she doesn’t recognize him) at a kinky sex club leads to an awareness that they can’t ignore.

“But just because I don’t share my opinion doesn’t mean I don’t have one.”
She smothered a smile. “Do you ever not debate?”
“Yes.” He waited a beat, face serious. “But it’s more fun if I do.”
“For you, maybe.”
He nodded, smiling just a touch. “Sometimes that’s the only fun I have.”
“Ouch.” Her reflexive thought was out before she’d thought better of it. Was he serious? How…sad. Her heart went out to him when she knew it shouldn’t. But how could it not?

I especially liked the progress of the relationship in this book. There’s not really any giant romantic gestures or big discussions – they just slowly start spending more time together to the point that, by the time Brie needs to find a new apartment, Ryan simply invites her to move in with him, pointing out quite logically that they’re already spending lots of time at his place and then adds in the adorably sweet addendum that he really likes waking up with her and cuddling with her after work.  Brie is suffocating in the mold her mother has made for her, and she struggles to figure out if what she feels for Ryan is because she wants him, or because he fits her mom’s “perfect husband” checklist.  This – and Ryan’s scars from his abusive family – are the main roadblocks to their relationship, and I thought were handed very well.

“I’m not very good at this.” The honesty came out on a rush of trust he rarely extended.
She ran her fingers through the short hairs near his nape, inciting small shivers that chased each other to his heart. “I’ve noticed.” Her smile matched the teasing spark in her eyes. “And I get it.”
His brows dipped. “You do?”
She lifted to press her lips to his in a short but gentle kiss. “I do.” Her tongue traced a quick path over her bottom lip. “It’s a little new for me too.”
“You?” He shook his head. “I can’t see that.”
Her brow lifted in staunch reprimand. “Getting fucked by my boss in a room full of watchers is not something I can claim experience with.”

As with the previous entry in the series, this book is seriously steamy, with the kink focus being on exhibitionism this time.  Besides that, there’s a lot of witty banter between Brie and Ryan, which I loved.  The only piece I didn’t care much for was Lori, Brie’s friend who’s a member of the Boardroom and the person who initially set her up with them.  She seemed very dismissive of Brie’s worries at times, and I wished Brie would’ve had a more empathetic sounding board.

Overall, I very much enjoyed this book, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a steamy office romance!

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