Monthly Wrap-up: August 2020

monthly wrap-up

I think this is the first summer I can remember that I’m actually glad it’s over with. The kids have been back in school – well, they’re distance learning – for a few weeks now, which has definitely been an adjustment. It does mean that I have a little more time for reading, thank goodness, because this month and next month are an absolute bonanza of books.

Yes, I am still rereading Ascending and Bright Shards. I think I’m on some sort of alien first contact high? Anyway, I have a list of more alien romances I want to try out once I clear out the ARC pile a little more.

For the Goodreads Challenge, I’ve read 166 out of 220 books for the year. That’s 20 books ahead of schedule, according to Goodreads, so, hey, at least I’m accomplishing something this year!


Seven DevilsOffice HoursThe ChallengerSong of Blood & StoneBreath of Dust & DawnThe RoommateWhispers of Shadow & FlameBehind the FrameHush of Storm & SorrowCry of Metal & BoneWho's That EarlThe Vanished QueenWild SkyThe Old GuardBetter Than PeopleHere to StayEmerald BlazeWhen No One Is WatchingFableSecret Crush SeductionThe Unkindest TideA Killing Frost




SOURCE:  15 ARCS, 2 from Kindle Unlimited, 3 Purchases, 1 Library



The Four Profound WeavesPrime DeceptionsDon't Hex and DriveHer Big City NeighborThe Silvered SerpentsThe Loop
I’ve already read a few of the early September books (September 1st is a HUGE day for new books). Luckily things settle down later in the month a bit. I’m very much looking forward to Jackie Lau’s new series and I am absolutely loving the cover for Prime Deceptions!

That’s my month! What’s yours looking like?

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