Monthly Wrap-up: July 2020

monthly wrap-up

Did I maybe forget that June was a month? Yes, yes, I did. In my defense, after seven months of having my husband and kids in the house with me ALL THE TIME I’m not really sure what month it is any more. What I do know, though, is that I’m forever grateful for the wonderful friends I’ve made in Romancelandia, and especially for the authors whose books are basically keeping me afloat right now.

I haven’t been doing as great on The Ripped Bodice’s Summer Bingo as I’d hoped, as my ARC schedule got completely swamped once a bunch of May books got pushed into July. I’m desperately behind, and pandemic depression plus absolutely no free time (remember those kids and husband I mentioned?) are not good blogging buddies. I mean, out of the 15 books I read this month, 14 were ARCs. To be honest though, I did spend a large chunk of time repeatedly rereading Ascending and Bright Shards, which have proven to be both insanely comforting and, apparently, impossible for me to review without falling into an emotional heap.

For the Goodreads Challenge, I’ve read 144 out of 220 books for the year. Still on track!


Boyfriend MaterialHaunted HeroineOf Dragons, Feasts and MurdersForbidden DesireA Sweet MessWhat You Wish ForMore Than MaybeAxiom's EndShieldedHomeboundA Touch of Stone and SnowDeal with the DevilThe MallShadow in the Empire of LightThe Space Between Worlds




SOURCE: 14 ARCS, 1 from Kindle Unlimited,  Purchases,  Library



Wild SkySeven DevilsThe ChallengerSong of Blood & StoneWhispers of Shadow & FlameCry of Metal & BoneThe Vanished QueenWho's That Earl
I’ve already read a few of the early August books – The Space Between Worlds, shown in my reading list above, was an absolute standout – but I’ve got quite a few more on deck. I’m particularly excited to read the Earthsinger Chronicles, since I read the first book ages ago and then promptly lost track of the books, but LOOK AT THOSE COVERS.

That’s my month! What’s yours looking like?

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